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a British sense of irony;

That's what you call a British sense of irony;

This is clearly the best picture I have drawn so far. Daichi and cows is the ultimate combo.

Last chance to buy my art book! Only 3 days left →

by Yuuza

So just a quick update, my pre-orders end on September 20, so it’s the last chance to get your hands on a copy of my art bok! :love:
Thank you to everyone who bought a copy already, i will prin them soon and ship them :la:

For those who don’t know what i’m talking about, read below!

Point lottery CLOSED
And the winner of the 300 points  is :iconbokunoai:
To join the lottery all you have to do is +fav this journal. In 48 hours i wil use a randomizer to randomly pick a number from 1 to how many favs this journal got and the deviant who’s name corresponds to that number will win 300 points :D :la:

About the Art Book:
Aaaaaaaand i am offi

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It’s your turn to be the hero.

 Infinite list of things I love 

Chikyuu Bouei Kigyou Dai Guard

And this is a thing I will love infinitely.

Use discount code 15BRO to get 15% off your pre-order of All Things Gasara.

Pre-orders close midnight on 31st August 2014.

Click here to pre-order!

Oh my god hello!!! Oh thank you so much for following me Gasara-saaammmaaa, I wonder do you still remember me? XD Have a lovely day!

Hello hello! Oh my goodness, I would never forget you Doodlesama! Ever. I’m so happy to have found you again, Re-chan! *clings*



A new giveaway, to celebrate the opening of the international sell of my artbook ONEIROS, the 25th of August on my shop =)

Good luck /o/ !!

A little reminder that the giveaway is ending tomorrow night =) (at least, at midnight for those in the french hour zone)
I will open the sell of the artbooks at the same time =)


A mix for Clint Barton, the human disaster.

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